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Dopamine dressing- can fashion really change your mood?

Dopamine dressing- can fashion really change your mood?


Every day we select certain items of clothing to wear. Daily we have the opportunity to choose clothes that are an extension of ourselves and even better make us feel fantastic.  The conscious and subconscious choices we make about fashion can have a direct impact on how we feel so why would we not want to make more choices that ensure we feel confident and happy?


Do not start panicking that 'dopamine dressing', is a crazy print or fluro green trend that has no place in your wardrobe.  It really is about figuring out what YOU associate with joy and wearing more of it!  This could certainly be bright, vibrant blues that remind you of summer holidays or even a favourite childhood dusty pink dress but it could also be a beautiful textured fabric that you love to slide your hand across or a dress with a beautiful flared skirt that you love to take a twirl in.


That is why the real mood benefits of 'dopamine dressing', come less from the colours themselves and more from how you perceive them in context to your life.  If wearing black makes you feel confident, sultry and empowered then wear it! If a minimal, understated aesthetic in a neutral palette foster a feeling of connectedness to nature and a calm, quiet joy than that is your ticket to the mood boosting dopamine hit! 

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'Dopamine dressing', is all about choosing outfits that are mood-boosting and fun to wear.  So, decide if you want to wear a bold, solid colour in crimson red or embrace a fun polka dot print. Take a moment to explore how you would feel rather than look when you are selecting a new item of clothing or reaching within your existing wardrobe. Remember that 'dopamine dressing' is finding your signature style that celebrates escapism, positivity and happiness to you.

Here at 'Deer You', we  have always inadvertently embraced dopamine dressing because we believe that clothes are nostalgic, like scents they can transport you to happy memories.  Every time you open your wardrobe and reach for an outfit you recall the last adventure you had together and smile as you wonder what today's adventure will bring! 

So, go curate your wardrobe with feel-good hues, tactile luxurious fabrics and your favourite silhouettes to encourage a carefree, joyful mood. This way when you go out and create happy memories you will be achieving a dopamine dressing hit every day!

Explore our latest collection today and discover your new outfit that sparks joy and boosts your mood. 


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