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Our Story

The Deer You Story Deer You is a Sydney-based, Australian online fashion retailer. We are committed to making it easier to enjoy and wear flattering, classic and timeless outfits. We strive to have pieces that transcend fashion trends and quality that will last a lifetime of wears and adventures. We pride ourselves in working with other Australian small businesses to bring our creations to life. Many Australian businesses are part of the journey to create our special garments, from fabrication, sourcing, manufacturing to photography and modelling. All our pieces are lovingly designed and made in Australia, every piece stitched right here on our shores, so we can control every part of the process. We are committed to operating in an ethical and sustainable way, to safeguard our precious resources and beautiful planet. We are the antithesis of fast fashion, each garment is made with heart and quality to last throughout the years.

The magic behind the name

Deer You 

From the very first moment I visited Canada on vacation, I was in awe of the majestic landscape. It was an incredible feeling to get lost in the wilderness by day and relax in a decadent Lobby bar in the evening. I fondly recall how we sipped on cocktails and recounted the adventures we had throughout the day.One early trip included a drive through the Rockies and a stay in Banff. We leisurely strolled down to the main street after our evening pre-dinner drink to find Reindeer walking the town streets and eating flowers from local shops and home gardens. I was fascinated that they were quite particular about which colour flower tasted the best.

We were buzzing from our experience of watching these magnificent creatures, they were both majestic and ethereal. After we excitedly recounted our adventure back at the hotel, the lady at the front desk asked us very politely, if we were sure they were reindeers and not elk that we had encountered? I thought I knew a reindeer when I saw one, deposited inside my head from the many Christmas movies that I had seen throughout my life. At the risk of not sounding like an ignorant tourist, I sheepishly replied, "What's the difference?” She then rather proficiently explained the differences, the main and obvious one was, that elk had majestic antlers and that deer had little ears. 

Since that day it became perfectly acceptable to have elk homewares and artwork scattered throughout our home all through the year. When people ask why we have not taken down our Christmas decorations, we happily explain to them that they are in fact Canadian elk and not Christmas reindeers.

To this very day, many elk paraphernalia continue to creep inside our home and garden, and every single one is a smile, wink and a nod to that very unexpected evening in Banff.

So when it came to selecting a name for the business there was only one that captured our sense of adventure, our love of the magic of Reindeers and creating cherished memories that can be reminisced and laughed about for many years to come.

Reindeer Guest for Dinner

Holiday snap taken in Banff, Canada

Reindeer in the Mist

Holiday snap taken in Olympic National Park, Seattle

Reindeer Resting by the Road

Holiday snap taken in Banff, Canada

I believe that clothes are nostalgic, like scents they can transport you to happy memories. They can take us on new adventures and remind us of past ones. They are a warm hug from an old friend each time you slip them back on. My family and I love to surround ourselves with cherished trinkets and photographs  of all our wonderful adventures through life.  It’s our hope that many special  memories will be had and shared while you are wearing our beautiful clothes and that they will weave their way through the fabric of your remarkable life.

With Love and gratitude



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